Going Global - Lian

Finally we are ready to Go Global.

We released first version iOS app QIN in App Store 15 months ago. QIN is only for Chinese learners, it has only Chinese sheets.

In past 15 months, QIN app got 600+ grades, and average 4.6 stars in App Store. Chinese sheets library got more and more sheet albums, and the album number reaches 150 now.

Since the app releasesd, we have gotten lots of feedbacks from users, especially from parents. They are very excited with this app, because it is so helpful for home practicing. For parents, the app is a technical helper for them, because kids have no need to see the screen when practicing and evaluating with the app. The app helps parents to be a better practice partner.

Everyday lots of users practice violin with the app. We have gotten 300 milions evaluation practices totally.

So we think the app should be useful to global learners, too. Most of all, we have not found the similar app. The KEY feature - active score following, no any other app implements it.

To go Global, we re-designed the app a little, and make it some different from QIN, and name it to LIAN.

So, here we are, LIAN.