Upload Your Music into Violy App!

Hello, Violy musicians, now you can upload your own sheet music into Violy App via CREATOR STUDIO and practice it!
According to the constant feedback from all users, one of the most frequently asked questions is “when can I practice my own sheet music with Violy ?”. Well, thanks for your patience during such a long time. We have just released the new feature of “Violy CREATOR STUDIO”.

CREATOR STUDIO, all in Creative!

Every Violy user can be a music “publisher” in CREATOR STUDIO!

To submit sheet music to CREATOR STUDIO, it requires the sheet music in the format of both MuseScore and MusicXML. Once the sheet music releases after a short reviewing process, you are able to find it in “Music Cloud” on Violy App and start your practice in any time, any mode.

Practice with Current version of Violy CREATOR STUDIO:

  • The current version of “Violy CREATOR STUDIO” is only accessible with a web browser and is preferentially designed for PC and Mac.

  • Scanning and recognizing of sheet music files in JPG, PDF or other formats are not supported;

  • The only supported formats of sheet music files are MuseScore(.mscz) and MusicXML(.musicxml). Sheet music files can be directly exported as MusicXML file through MuseScore software.

Here are the brief steps to upload sheet music onto Violy App with “CREATOR STUDIO”:

I. Create a new album;

II. Add music and parts in the album;

III. Submit for review process (for public albums only).

I. Create a new album

Enter “CREATOR STUDIO” and Login

Open the official website of Violy ( with your browser and click on the “CREATOR” on the top.

And login “CREATOR STUDIO” with your Violy account.

Add New Album and Complete the Album Info

Click on ‘ADD NEW ALBUM’ after entering ‘Creator’.

Once the new album is created, you can add music pieces into it by uploading sheet music files into the album. Also, you need to fill in the album information after adding new album (red items are required).

Public Visibility”, “Album Title” and “Album Cover” must be completed.

You can set the “Public Visibility” of your album for ‘Private’, ‘Public’, ‘Group’ or ‘Institution’.

Private’: If you set the album as private, it will only be visible to your Violy account. Private albums are not required to pass the Review Process. You can find them in “Violy” > “Music Cloud” > “Private” after releasing.

‘Group’/‘Institution’: If you are in a certain groups or institutions, and you have set the “Public Visibility” of your album for ‘Group’ or ‘Institution’, the album will be visible to all members in the same group/institution. You need to select the group or institution to share the sheet music album with in advance. ‘Group’ and ‘Institution’ albums are not required to pass the Review Process.

Public’: If you set the “Public Visibility” of your album as ‘Public’, it will be visible to all Violy users. Every piece of music in public albums needs to be reviewed by Violy team. The sheet music album is also required to be reviewed before releasing.

II. Add music and parts in the album

Create Music

You can add more than one piece of music in an album.

Complete Music Info

You need to complete the music title

select the instrument and composer, and upload sheet music files. If there are other parts in the uploaded music, you can click ‘ADD NEW PART’ to complete the information. Then you can click ‘SUBMIT’ to finish uploading.

III. Submit for review process (for public albums only)

If an album’s “Public Visibility” is set for public, after the submission, it normally takes 24 hours for Violy team to review and released the album and the sheet music within.

The current version of “Violy CREATOR STUDIO” only for sheet music uploading. Please stay tuned, there will be more and more features later, such as adding audio and video demos for the uploaded sheet music, and receiving other users’ likes and comments.

By uploading sheet music in “Violy CREATOR STUDIO”, you can give a chance to music lovers all over the world to check out your music works.

“Violy CREATOR STUDIO”, it is all in Creative!

Have a HAPPY practice!!

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