Violy’s Classroom Feature | Create online music classes!

Create online music classes!

Violy app’s “Live Class” feature allows teachers to make video calls to students instantly. But in some cases, this single mode cannot meet all requirements of remote music class.

Students may get disconnected during a group class and cannot rejoin the class unless the teacher invites again, and then the whole class can be interrupted. Also, it just wastes the other participants’ time, which can be annoying.

Besides, without class schedule, teachers have to remind their students of attending the class on time every time before the class begins. If there are multiple students, it can be time-consuming for teachers to notify every one of them. Also, teachers are likely to make mistakes during the process.

To help users take remote music classes in a more organized and flexible way, the “Classroom” feature is newly supported on Violy app.

Things that the “Classroom” feature allows users to do:

  • Teachers can set the time for the class in advance;
  • Participants can get notified before the class;
  • Students can rejoin the class if they get disconnected during the video call;
  • The group/institution admin can help teachers create classes, which can take the pressure off the teachers and make the management more convenient.

Instructions for Music Teachers: Online Music “Classroom”

After updating the app to the latest version, teachers can enter “Classroom” page in the app and click on “+Create” to schedule a class.

Then the teachers need to fill in the information required and click on “Confirm”. Later, a new class is created.

Currently, teachers can set the time for the class in Violy app, but students cannot make appointments with teachers through the app.

Once the new class is created, it can be seen in section “Timetable” of “Classroom” page.

All participants will receive push notifications from Violy app 15 minutes and 5 minutes ahead of the scheduled time of the online music class. We recommend users to enable the notifications of the app in case of missing classes.

Participants can click on “Join now” to join the class 5 minutes before the class begins.

During the class, if the participants get disconnected or exit from the class by accident, they can click on “Lessoning…” to rejoin the class.

Things Related to “Classroom” Feature Which Need More Attention

  • When the host clicks on the button of ending the current class, the host can choose to “Pause for now” or “End the class”.

  • If the host clicks on “End the class”, the current class will be ended. Then no one will be able to join the class anymore.

  • If the host chooses to “Pause for now”, the class will not be ended. The host can rejoin the class within the duration of the current class. But if the host does not return to the class in time, the class will be ended automatically when the time is up.

  • If the host exits from the class because of losing the network connection, the current class will not be ended.

We hope that Violy’s new feature introduced above can help users enjoy the online classes more!

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